Total Beginner’s Guide to Video Equipment

You're ready to start creating videos, good But what kind of camera should you use and where will it be recorded and is the site quiet? What microphone will you use and what about lighting and modification? There are many questions Creating videos can be a difficult task So join me to talk about each step individually Creator Academy A complete beginner's guide about the equipment needed to create a video Hi, I'm Maya Chaimels from your town how are you Today we'll talk about how to start creating videos To be a YouTube creator you should know the basic principles of video production Each creator follows their own process based on their style and goals We must take note of this issue as we speak in detail about this process Some creators want to create high quality videos and pure images While others do not mind creating videos quickly to download heavily So ask yourself, "How do I take advantage of these tips to improve my channel?" Let's start with your most important asset, the camera Here are two of the best camera options available We will talk about them now A normal camera with automatic adjustment and a more advanced DSLR camera If you want to know more about the characteristics of different brands See reviews and educational content from other creators But first, let's talk about how each of these cameras works And how you can use them on your channel The cost of the auto-adjusting camera is $ 400 to $ 700 It is easy to use It is an integrated device suitable for filming repeated videos at any site You can buy a LED tiled model to see your shot Here are some actual shots of an auto focus camera Although it is a simple camera, it gives you a 1080 high resolution image So many creators use it to shoot their daily videos Let's compare it to a DSLR camera It does not matter what DSLR means What is important is that you get a cinematic picture with a fantastic blurry background So its cost is higher and it usually ranges between 500 and 2500 USD They are heavier and use interchangeable lenses You have to master the focus And learn technical skills to use the camera But do not worry, there are many educational videos on YouTube See if you'd like to learn more about using this camera You can notice the difference between the two rounds By eliminating focus you can get a fantastic blurry background You also get a professional image Compare this image with that previously captured with the auto-focus camera Have you seen the difference? Now, before proceeding, I would like to mention something important Today, a large number of users can use their mobile phone cameras It's true that its image is not as good as the camera image, but you can get a great picture It is a wonderful option if you do not want to buy an expensive camera You just have to start training on YouTube Let us now turn to the sound and advise you to focus on this element Because it is the domain where most novices fail This is because most viewers do not mind bad lighting But they do not tolerate the low sound quality If you are still using the built-in microphone in the camera You should not move more than a meter away from the camera If you want to get further away you have to resort to more advanced options This is a stereo microphone Record what you hear right now It costs between $ 150 and $ 250 These microphones record sound in a directional way And thus pick up the sound that comes towards it If the camera is equipped with an external microphone port You can install this microphone and be ready to record a video But if you want to take a video with a larger view You should use this microphone: a wireless microphone attached to the jerseys Its cost ranges from $ 200 to $ 600, and its price is a bit high But it's the right choice if you want to get further away from the camera It is also a great option to pick up audio at sites where noise is I now provide an example of using this microphone I'm outside and I'm standing away from the camera and in a quiet location And yet I get a great quality sound Let us now talk about the tape microphone and see the quality it offers I now give an example of using a bar microphone here Not the same quality, right? Now for curiosity, let's switch to using the built-in microphone in the camera We see the quality it provides I now use the built-in microphone in the camera can you hear me? Let us reuse the shirt-hanging microphone, which is much better I will quickly remember something else If you want advanced cinematic quality I recommend using a stand-on microphone Another user holds the microphone over your head On the so-called microphone holder It has high sound quality But I stress that it is the right choice if you have a great team Most creators use a bar or hanging microphone on the shirt Although both of them pick up your voice there are better types than others It depends on the content you visualize or where you visualize it I repeat that your choice depends on your needs as a content creator Let us now turn to lighting Lighting is very important It helps you highlight your most important asset, which is you Most creators use lighting similar to what I currently use It is a lighting system composed of two light sources They are reversing lights to illuminate your face I have important advice for you especially if you feel hot quickly They use LED lamps or fluorescent lamps They cost between $ 400 and $ 2,000 but produce less heat than bright lights You can also backlight or perform some tests But it is important to show the best picture As you can see here the most important features of reversing lamps They produce soft lighting and not bright lighting Always use soft lighting to illuminate the face Because they are light dispersion and therefore look the most beautiful picture For this reason, the lamps are also equipped with an inverter Another option to get a soft lighting is a ring lamp The circular lamp is very suitable for lighting your entire face And gives a luster to your eyes It makes you look beautiful The last option for lighting is not only the brightest of all But it is also free It is the sun Many creators sit in front of a bright window To take advantage of this beautiful and natural light to light their faces But in this case you can only shoot at certain times of the day But it remains the easiest and least expensive option for proper lighting Let us now summarize the properties of each of these three lighting options Lamps reversing lighting gives you a pure image The circular lamp gives you a beautiful look The window represents an easy way to light your face All these options are suitable for lighting your face What is the best option for you and your channel? Now we have come to the last topic of the video creation process, which is an amendment The edit is like an overlapping game where you take the shots you've taken Put them in the sequence to tell your story This process may take a technical approach, but there is no need to be frustrated If you are a beginner, you can take advantage of the many editing programs available It is likely that it has been downloaded to your computer currently For example, you may have an iMovie program if you are using a Mac Or Windows Movie Maker if you are using a portable computer Learn first how to crop a snapshot This way you will be able to collect your favorite footage together By pulling them and putting them one by one Then you can learn how to move from scene to scene and use music or even effects After you master the basic principles you can buy an advanced program Some creators use editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Or Avid and cost between $ 100 and $ 1000 Beginner creators use free software, and you have the option And to get customized recommendations on brands and patterns You can do a quick search on YouTube Creators are always ready to share information about the tools they use They provide thousands of reviews on which to base your decision But first, I have a quick tip for you Do not wait while you get the ideal equipment, but start by creating your own videos Practice what is available to you and try to improve your performance in each new video I hope this helps you start uploading content on YouTube What advice do you give to novice creators? Do you recommend them to certain equipment? Leave a comment below to help others Creator Academy Now that you've got the equipment are you ready to improve your production skills? Check out this course at the Creator Academy Creator Academy