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"We do not travel to escape life, but to escape it" We are in the largest closed park in Europe This park was founded in 1662 by Duke James Chester of Ormond in the name of King Charles II

The venue opened to the general public in 1747 And a herd of deer still remains in the park It's five times bigger than London's Hyde Park This park is so special that the President of the Republic of Ireland lives here It's also where the Dublin Zoo is And it is open 24/7 all year round

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And when they go out to the park they can see all these animals in real life Where are the deer? Important things we can tell the public when they come here And they want to see the deer is "please do not feed the deer" do not get too close to them because if people approach, usually with a bag of carrots maybe three or four animals will approach at the same time and they will throw the bag of carrots and run the bugs the deer will eat the sack with the carrot and all Unfortunately, the beast is poisoned by eating these things so of course you always tell people to please do not feed deer and do not get too close to them you can approach them take a look at the distance Do not go too close to them because they are, of course, a wild animal The monumeto was built to commemorate the victories of 'Iron Duke' Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington It is the largest obelisk in Europe with 62 meters in height And it would have been even higher if public funding had not ended

You can see here the space reserved in front for the priests and the like You can see that there was literally no room, no room for anyone else Literally a lot of people! Papal cross The cross was lifted the day before the Pope arrived Is that right? Yes Yes! So you were in a hurry? Yes, he was in a hurry It was all planned But do you see all those flags that are on display here? Just before the pope arrived, there was a storm that ripped several of those flags

And damaged the structures Then all the people, including ladies, got together and sewed it all over again They worked through the night to get everything ready Then they were able to lift the cross and everything

So it was a great union in the spirit of community People traveled from all regions to the city of Dublin Meanwhile, people here opened their homes and offered tea and sandwiches It was built in 1935 and occupied by the British Military Forces until 1922 When it was reverted to the Irish Defense Forces The Irish Army operated space as a warehouse of weapons and ammunition until the mid-twentieth century It was totally demilitarized in the 1980s Also in Phoenix Park Official Residence of the President of the Republic of Ireland Monument / Memorial Phoenix Dublin Zoo Ashtown Castle Once a month do the hortonians who care for the garden have a conversation with the public? Yes it's true We try to have these conversations regularly and essentially

so they also focus on different things But much of this would also be done by the guides of the Visitor Center So we went out and talked about the history of the garden because it's a walled Victorian Garden We introduce the people and their children to the different planting schemes we do here We can of course go there and have a look if you want Of course! Thank you! Victorian Vegetable Garden So either we can plant carrots, potatoes or something

While we have carrots planted here and onions This is a source of nectar and pollen for all our pollinators But one of the most important things is that you allow the soil to rest And you give him the chance to rest by planting something that is known as green manure It fixes the nitrogen in the soil and, of course, rotates that plant back to the ground

You are feeding what is known as humus there, ie: you are adding to the ground all the time And so on, always feeding the soil Surroundings This is where the Irish gorverno welcomes your special guests

This house belonged to the important Guinness family in the 1880's So folks, this is our video about Phoenix Park and its surroundings The park is awesome and well worth a visit There is a cafe in the visitor center which is wonderful and also worth going to They have a great coffee and the food there is terrific

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