Parenting Life Hacks

In the last few years, there has been a definite shift in the kind of toys my children own. We are headed more in the direction of eco-friendly toys and less plastic. Lots of wooden toys, fabric and felt foods, etc. With that in mind, it can be hard to store and organize some of the wooden toys. Lately my children are obsessed with their wooden puzzles. Until today I dreaded the puzzles simply because it was difficult to store them in a way that didn’t equal a huge mess. I have seen puzzle racks in stores, but they just seem awkward for younger children (read pudgy, unsteady fingers) and since my toddler loves the puzzles, it was a no go.


What changed, say you? Well, I just happened to be shopping at my favorite store (Costco) and an idea struck me. We were in the office supplies aisle and I saw a familiar piece of office organization, a desk tray organizer. Normally (in an office) such an organizer might hold file folders, forms, or perhaps be used next to a printer with blank paper.


The compartments are much deeper than any puzzle tray I have seen (easy for toddlers) and the trays are mesh (easy visibility) and the price was just right. At only $14, we came home with a perfect solution to my puzzle problem. The bottom compartment is a perfect size to store a wooden magnetic doll set.  I’m happier with less mess and my children are so excited to be able to see all of their puzzles at once.


The rack I bought is letter size (we have standard size Melissa & Doug puzzles, 9 x 12), but legal size is also available. I have seen similar organizers in office supply stores (Office Depot, Staples).

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