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Nicholas restaurant in Portland Oregon and also in Gresham is one of the best places to get Lebanese in all of the Pacific Northwest I not only love the place because they have delicious wonderful food but I've grown to love Nicholas restaurant because they're one of my social media clients so I've gotten to know all of their customers really well throughout instagramming and facebooking and writing reviews on TripAdvisor and I love working with the restaurant they really give back a lot to the community they're always volunteering to you know donate food and participate in festivals and they love their customers they have a really great group of employees and I'm so excited to show you inside a Nicholas restaurant today so come join me I'm going to go into Nicholas restaurant Gresham but they also have two locations in Portland on Grand and Broadway here we are go on in hi everyone this is my friend Hilda and if you've ever died dead inglis restaurant fresh up our Nicholas restaurant in Portland you definitely see her smiling happy face she's in the restaurants of all the time making sure all of the food comes out delicious every single plate and every single act and drink of everything so this is a lady behind if all of you definitely seen her a few So I do have a question for you Hilda Dibe what would you say is like the most popular thing you serve at Nicolas restaurant I would say the most popular thing you serve was the big thick pita bread and it comes out hot from the oven when diners see it coming out they just rip into it when they sit down and it's free so your most popular thing people like literally come here for the free thing which is like so delicious if you don't know what I'm talking about the pita bread is like this big it's enormous sense it's amazing but I found it all in one sitting but more any of my food comes out yeah if you're hungry pretty much it's definitely one of the nicest welcomes in any Portland restaurant you'll find now I'm so excited to take you back in the kitchen we're going to check out how the magic happens some Lebanese food is really delicious ingredients and spices I know like sumac is one spice that I've learned since working with you what would you say are some of the differences in fight through them flavors yeah I think sumac one one of my steps we use most Mediterranean food and we use a lot of like sesame seeds and definitely a lot of extra virgin olive oil everything so healthy Mediterranean that's one thing that surprised me a bit too because I always go for like this super comfort Lebanese food like I want to eat this panic soap and I want to eat like all the delicious like indulgent things people love to come here because they can get really healthy options tabbouleh salad is one it's like this fresh parsley salad yeah the tabbouleh salad is definitely like a hit for all the fanatics because which is so great if you love salad let's be honest they can get boring when you're just using like the hummus at Nicholas restaurant is completely creamy and a wonderful pairing for the giant pita bread if it doesn't come with whatever you've ordered definitely get a helping on the side speaking of the giant pita bread it's one of the most popular things because they serve it to you for free the moment you sit down a lot of the equipment used to make the giant pita is actually from Lebanon the pita bread is a perfect thing to snack on while you're deciding what to order it comes with this delicious dip that is made with tons of sesame seeds the giant pita is served in the restaurant on a stand that was custom made so it wouldn't take up too much of the table space the Turkish coffee at Nicholas restaurant is nice and strong they fresh grind the beans right there before making each cup it's made right on the fire and the water is put in with the coffee and then the coffee is brought to a boil three times it's really cool when the coffee spills over if you didn't get this impression already this is definitely not your normal cup of coffee it's amazing I love the presentation of this coffee it's perfect they have all sorts of kabobs but a very popular one are the chicken kebabs they're served over salad and rice but you can also get them on a chicken kebab pizza I left Nikolas restaurant with a new obsession that is the kebab Pizza dipped in hummus it is the best combination ever garlic phase 2 with chicken kebab yeah the manakish pizza is just one of the surprises you'll find at Nicolas restaurants in Portland in brescia that's like a pizza that has thyme oregano sesame seed and olive oil as the base and then cucumbers cherry tomatoes mint and green olives and the lockni which is like an imported yogurt cheese I love all the colors in it the manakish pizza is vegetarian and can be made vegan if it's ordered without cheese this is so good we never guitars of you employees like that work everyday I believe it a Nicholas restaurant you can choose from a variety of juicy kebabs like the chicken beef or lamb kebabs you see here the kebabs are marinated and come on a skewer with red onion bell pepper garlic olive oil and lemon juice you can get kebabs in salads served over rice or you can get kebab pizza to enjoy them even the presentation on the rice is gorgeous this race is molded in a cup and turn upside down then sprinkled with parsley one thing that makes this rice stand out versus rice that you'd cook for yourself at home is that Nicholas restaurant makes their own chicken stock that then is used in the rice falafel is a mixture of garbanzo beans garlic cilantro onions and Lebanese spices and they look beautiful every time because of this really cool falafel scoop look at all the perfectly formed falafels you can order them fried on a plate like you see here you can also order falafel in a falafel wrap the wraps are made with a bunch of fresh vegetables and they make great takeout orders in addition to falafel wraps you can also find gyro wraps chicken breast sandwiches and chicken or lamb shawarma wraps at the restaurants all of the sanno traps are hand crafted and they come with fresh romaine lettuce roma tomatoes red onions pickled turnips and they're usually finished with 2z key or tahini sauce all served in pita bread last but not least is the delicious tabbouleh salad it's a friendly item for all different diet types because it's gluten free vegetarian and vegan plus it has a bunch of healthy vegetables in it there's tomato parsley olive oil quinoa onion mint and lemon juice so I hope you had a great time with me behind the scenes at Nicholas restaurant Gresham don't forget to visit them also at Nicholas restaurant Portland and special thanks to hilda and all the staff I have a lot of you know experience trying to tape around my own chevy hubs at home and we're making recipe videos for a sip bite go but it's always a new experience for a chef when I'm getting in there with my camera and taking behind the scenes clip so thanks so much for being so great just I really enjoyed sharing all of this with you and I hope you have a wonderful day Cheers don't forget to subscribe to the SIB echo youtube channel and feel free to send me any restaurants or recipes to review Cheers