New PUBG Map: Survival Guide

Recently I had the chance to get the new PUBG map in the closed beta and let me tell you one thing Do you see this silly crap, this structureless heap here? This thing This is actually the best PUBG map so far Somehow PUBG really made a map after so many months who fully exploits their strengths instead of just exposing their weaknesses and all the best that the game has to offer makes it even better Even if you do not find the map really different, let me tell you she plays completely different And to play on her part of me Most fun since the game came out about a year ago Many things are different and it will take a little time to get used to it But if you want to be one step ahead of all other players when they come out, then you should continue to watch because in this video I will address everything what you need to know when this map comes out

New size Since the new map has only a size of 4×4 km, it's a lot smaller than the previous ones and although that's the most obvious difference, You will find it most difficult to notice this when you start to play on it When you open the map you will see that the white squares now have a length of 40 meters instead of 100 meters and the black ones have a length of 500 instead of 1000 meters So if you're used to checking the card in Erangel or Miramar, just remember that this map actually has this size Just keep this picture in mind and you will realize that you can reach virtually every point by parachute and that the distances, though they may seem very large, actually much lower than your brain lets you believe The same goes for the Minimap, which now displays a much smaller area As before, if you are used to the old minimap, imagine that this in reality this size has The circle The circle in the new map is actually better than ever There's a big first circle you're most likely already in when you spawn The next few circles then have a diameter that is about 2/3 of the length of the previous one At a certain point in time, the circles are only half the size of the previous ones, what then remains until the last circle If you want to secure a position in the late game circles, It is advisable to go to the island that has the largest land mass in the current district because the probability that the last circle will be on this is highest You will also find that the waiting time between the circles is very short, especially towards the end of the game However, the circle itself moves very slowly and gives you a lot of time around your path to fight into the next zone instead of just rushing in The zone is fast enough to drive you to action, but not fast enough to kill you You will find that virtually no one dies through the zone So hats off to the developers, because I think they have finally hit the nail on the head The fight In the previous maps you were able to kill opponents in most cases, Run to their corpses, they loot and then wait for the next fight This is not the case on this new map Since all players are crammed into a smaller zone, firefights lead incessantly to further firefights This is by far the biggest difference on this map Every time you reveal your position, whether you drive a vehicle or take a shot, you can bet that half the server knows where you are in about If someone is around you, they'll shoot you if they've done that before Even if you have played this game for hundreds of hours, This map will kick you in the ass at the beginning If you do well and want lots of kills, you have to do everything perfectly Your landing must be perfect, because if you are only a few seconds late, you will be few Find places where you can hide when someone comes to you in front of a weapon Examining your environment and spying on enemies must also be very efficient Even if you decide not to shoot someone, the worst that you can do on this map is getting into a fight if someone is right next to you You also have to be able to rely 100% on your hearing On this map you will regularly hear enemies running towards you before you even see them They will most likely also hear you, so you need to pinpoint their position and respond accordingly In these situations, your melee Aim will be continually tested and in many battles you will have to guess on which side of the increase your opponent will appear Make sure you have a suitable mouse sensitivity, because you have to be very precise at these distances Another skill that will save your life is Peeken Due to the nature of the cover, which is everywhere on the map, you will notice that it is common for players to pass by trees or rocks If you've never learned to do it fast or well, maybe it's time to practice Once you get a kill, you need to be able to loot your opponent quickly If you miss something important, like a helmet or a visor, definitely go loot, but do not spend five minutes in someone else's inventory, because then you'll be killed It is also advisable to look constantly for cover and to move from cover to cover, because when caught in the open field you will most likely die The usefulness of existing weapons is also a big difference For example, it is in my opinion not advisable to use repeating sniper rifles Fighting over long distances is rare and if you fire a shot with, say, the Kar98, Pretty much everyone on the map will know where you are Before you even get to fire the perfect headshot, it's very likely that someone else is already starting to shoot you This could be the only map I actively avoid picking up these weapons The semi-automatic sniper rifles are still a suitable weapon for ranged combat, especially if you can equip them with a silencer, however, they are still louder than the average and could get you in trouble bring, so use it with care Automatic rifles are somehow even stronger than on the other maps, if that's even possible They can be used for all distances you will fight on So it's always a good idea to have, if not two automatic rifles with you Equip them with a silencer and you're ready Submachine guns are also more useful than before, even in late game, since you will find yourself in many situations in which you are suddenly very close to your opponents In addition, silencers for submachine guns are easier to find than others, which is also an advantage Shotguns are also slightly more useful for the same reasons There will be many situations in which you and your opponent to dart around on different sides of a small ridge and if you can aim well, shotguns can be deadly in these situations If the Limb Penetration System is added by the time this map comes out, shotguns will definitely be much more useful than they are now And then there are the stealth weapons that are incredibly good on this map Being able to shoot someone without exposing one's own position to another is priceless You can find others who are already in a fight and kill them before they realize that someone else is shooting at them Invest a little time to be good with these weapons, it will be worth it As for secondary and melee weapons, they seem to be of limited use as before There is really nothing new to say about her In terms of items and essays, near-distance visors are as useful as ever, if not more Equip your automatic rifle with a 2x visor and you're probably ready for the whole game Visors for longer distances are not so useful, as fighting over longer distances is rare, But they are handy for landing headshots on peeking opponents You just need to know when you use it best Mufflers and Mouthfire dampers will help you find it harder to find So make sure to pick it up and use it whenever possible On this map, the muzzle flash of your weapon can easily reveal your position So try to hide as much as you can Compensators are obviously still good, although I tend to focus more on sound or noise, if possible Muzzle fighters would put on sniper and automatic rifles, if possible The other essays are as useful as before, equip them if you find them, as usual However, grenades are even more useful than before The buildings are generally quite empty, which makes throwing grenades into them effectively profitable They could change that later if they put a bunch of manure in the houses, which is really a pity Shrapnel grenades, as always, are great for killing enemies who are hiding behind cover or just to keep them from healing or frightening them so you can do them But be sure to keep a few for the End Game, as usual Stun grenades, however useless they may be, are practicable to a degree here Considering how important sounds are here, even a grenade can only partially defeat your opponent makes deaf, give you a window of opportunity to shoot them from a side that they do not break So maybe you should learn how to use it, I will definitely spend some time in it vehicles If you're used to driving in Miramar, vehicles on this map will feel incredible The terrain is so diverse, but there are no random bumps or small objects, where you get stuck Most vehicles have little fuel at the beginning, which makes sense, because the map is much smaller, But you should consider taking a jerrycan if you want to drive for a long time Where we are, you should not do that because driving around on this map is extremely dangerous You will be killed if you try to get into vehicles and even if not, it is quite possible that you give everyone in a 200 meter radius where you are If you intend to drive, make sure you do not stop in the middle of the zone and consider it to use a booster, if you can spare some, since it is very likely that you are shot at You should even consider boosting you throughout the mid and endgames, if you have enough boosters, you will not have much time to heal between bouts The plane dropping the air drops moves a lot slower than normal, which gives every player the chance to see it and I tell you, dropping out on this map is extremely dangerous Anyone near you will look in your direction and even if you are directly below that, you expect to face several opponents, before you have the chance to call it your own Often ten players will be dead players around the drop, before anyone had the chance to get him So be very careful and do not go straight to a drop unless you are completely crazy If there is a drop near the water, be very careful, because every player who wants to get it There are five more who have the drop from the coast in view Last comments A few other things that I will not go into too much detail The red zone has not disappeared, it is still there and still very annoying Why do you think it's a good idea to keep her, even though she does absolutely nothing for the game I just do not know End Games on this map are pretty exciting as they can take place in many different locations, but if you are used to playing the end game in the other maps, There is really nothing new to say to them There are also random weather effects that sometimes appear in the middle of the game and though they look kinda cool and they are a pretty nice addition It does not really seem like they are going to change the gameplay massively So there is not much to say about her So if I had to do a summary: It's a lot of fun to play the new map as there is a lot of action However, for some people it could be too much action If you play on this map like on the others, you might even have problems with it regularly in the top 10 to come In this case, my advice would be to equip yourself early, so you do not have to waste any time later and to go to the areas on the map with the least activity, to avoid opponents as much as possible If you want more information on this strategy, I've made a video of it myself You can watch it here, but apart from that, it was mine Many thanks for watching until the next video!