Mexico City Travel Guide // Must-see places Ciudad de México

Hi, welcome This time I am greeting you from one of the biggest cities in the world

Mexico City The city is huge 25 million people in the city

Stop counting 😉 You’ll enjoy a great city view on approach at night It's a kind of moon landscape Nothing but history This is the oldest part of the city, Centro Histórico The thing that stands out for me is this neighborhood has changed so much over the years

Lots of restructuring and the streets have become safer And then boom, you’re in the middle of a huge wide open square right bang in the middle of Centro Histórico This is the place where James Bonds’ “Spectre” was shot They did clean up after though, as it’s cleaned up pretty nice This must be the biggest flag I’ve ever seen! Mexico is full of music

Everywhere you go there’s music, and it’s loud! The street I’m on now is one of the most famous streets in Mexico, “Reforma” It’s extremely long The street gets closed on Sundays allowing you to run or bike over it There is a protest every day These people are angry because the price for electricity goes up this weekend

These are not the richest people So protesting is the only possibility for them So you think your every day commute is long? Try Mexico City The city is 1 big traffic jam There is a big gap between rich and poor

You can see that at these kind of big buildings and these authentic houses If you’re hot for candy 😉 This is the place you will need to visit Mexicans like to eat on the streets and when do, they like their sugar It’s always nice to discover new places One hour away from the city is a place called “Teotihuacán”

I’ve practices the pronunciation for 2 days, I’m sure you can tell 🙂 These are the Sun and Moon pyramids They were made by the oldest known civilization thats ever lived on earth Yes, a little workout on your trip Behind me is the biggest pyramid, the Sun Pyramid It’s 243 steps to the top

I managed but it’s a pretty intense climb to the top Bring your water!! That was a great workout On top of the Sun’s Pyramid I’ve brought some friends 🙂 The view? Just look for yourself "20 dollar" I’d missed them but they’re back, street salesmen Trying to sell you anything

Be careful what you buy, some things are authentic and were taken from the pyramids Which means you’re liable if you buy them This city is made fun by people who live here Because of their fun you can have great time here Just a few small tips…

On Sundays you should try “Coyoacán” Authentic Mexican place where’ll find locals chilling “Mercado de Roma” is in a place called Roma, a local market with small bites to sample and eat "Downtown" in Centro Histórico is a place filled with restaurants On top of the building there’s a rooftop bar with a great view

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