Hannah’s Guide to Being an Introvert – The Bus

I'm probably one of the few people who can make a whole video about the bus, but if you haven't guessed, I'm an introvert That means I slowly get more and more uncomfortable in social situations until I'm hiding in the corner trying to disappear

*obnoxious crying noises* Point is, I have a lot of experience in avoiding people One of the places I have to avoid people the most is the bus I ride the bus to school If you've never been on a school bus before, I will sum it up in five words: Loud, smushed, swearing, escape, and scarred yeah I have a lot of experience with riding the bus to school, as I have, and still am – riding to school on it every day I HATE sitting next to people

It makes an awkward amount of physical closeness, and possibly *GASP* small talk! So I've come up with quite a few strategies to ensure that no one sits with you Let's go! Always, always, ALWAYS get on the bus at an earlier stop If you get on the bus when all the seats have a person in them, I can't really help you chuck someone out the window Sorry Tip #2 Sit in the middle-back of the bus

You don't want to sit in the back of the bus, because the "cool kids" sit there, and they will stop at nothing to join each other and become a gossiping mass Even if they have to sit with you You don't want to sit in the front either, because the "uncool people" who get on and see that the bus is mostly full will sit in the first available seat to them, or the front of the bus You don't want to sit in the middle, because the "uncool people" who WANT to sit in the back of the bus will wander closer to the back, see that the back is entirely filled up, and like the other "uncool people" will sit in the first available seat to them So sit in the middle-back for a better chance of survival

Tip #3 Shove your backpack, jacket, instrument – or whatever you have – next to you Do whatever you can to make yourself look as squished as possible No one WANTS to be squished when sitting on the bus – – although, of course, it's inevitable, you're sitting on the bus – But if you make your seat look undesirable, the seats around you look more pleasing and people will be more likely to sit THERE instead of with you Tip #4 This survival strategy is best paired with #3, and that is to bring headphones and a book You don't even need to listen to music or read – just make it look like A) you can't hear anything and B) you are so engrossed in this book that you aren't paying attention to newcomers boarding the bus

If a person is looking for an available seat, they'll look for free space If you're covering the free space, that's good, but people have the ability to ask you to move over I've found that if you're involved in something else, people are less likely to try and get your attention Maybe it's because it's awkward to interrupt someone from reading a book, er interrupting someone for any reason, I don't know It usually works The last way to avoid sitting next to someone on the bus and personally, I think it's the best way Is to not ride the bus *beep* *background music*