Game Cheat | Cheat Money In Subway Surfers PC

Welcome To Another Episode Of Mohmel Courses As I will Explain How To Cheat Money In Subway Surfers PC Game Step 01 Open Game In Windowed Mode Just Like (800*600) I'm Going To Game Directory Check Yes On Windowed Box Step 2 Open Cheat Engine And Select Process From PC Icon At Top Step 3 Play & Scan Amount Of Money You Have In Shop As "new scan" I've Got 19 Coin Now Scan The Number You Get Play Another Game As Step 04 Scan The New Value "Gold (Coins)" You Get In Total Do Step 5 Again Scan New Total Amount Step 6 Edit Value To (999,999,999) Without Commas Drop Down Adressess By Red Arrow After Select Them By "CTRL +A" Select Them All By Click On The Top While Holding Shift And Click On The Bottom Value Then Right Click Select Change Record Then Value The Type "999999999" In Box Instead Of Old Value Now Freeze It By Check Active Boxes Now Buy What You Want From Shop Boosts , Upgrades , Characters And Mission Skip Unlock Frank , Frizzy And King Success , See You Next Week