Five Nights a Freddy’s CD Cheat Codes – Game Glitch

Hey, I’m Avery Miller, and today’s glitch… or debug command video, in this case, is a quickie, because I got school to do I got to keep you guys entertained

Oh, just look at the old episodes where everything is fast pace and where there are bad live-action cutaways Nope, here’s another episode just for you, internet! New episode- COMMENCE! Wait… It’s started a while ago, so should I just show the cheat, or should… Uh, now see, here’s the B-Roll already, I can’t say what game we’re playing… Okay [Hand pushes stuff of screen] Like any day in the 21st century, there’s a lot of cool games that have been talked about recently While you guys sit there with your plushies, FNAF merch and URL shorteners, I’ll be over here glitching only the newest and greatest videos gam- Just kidding! More Freddy The first game

In the last two videos about… FNAF I covered the so called CD cheat-code; No, not one of those crazy, shiny, plastic discs, no Bad choice of words on my part Turns out- There’s two more codes that I didn’t cover So If you tap CD and 1 on your keyboard while at the title screen, you’ll temporally unlock 1 star and the 6th night If you hit CD and 2, you’ll unlock the all of the above in addition to another star and the ability to make custom nights Two golden stars… I haven’t felt this special since 2nd grade! [Clears throat] There you go! These codes are covered Like, 3 times over

And look! This is the first Game Glitch episode (Maybe it’s the 2nd? Oh ya, it is) -that doesn’t have a real glitch! Wow!9 You can check out my other videos, or subscribe so you’ll see my future episodes Hopefully they’ll be longer than 2 minutes long