Epic CSGO knife kill

This is gonna be very epic, trust me on this My teammates started freaking out when it happened, I never felt so accomplished

It's such a nice feeling, being seen as such a pro by other people, and that's not even including my scout shots I would ask you to listen to the reactions for yourself, that is if you COULD You know it's a bit sad you can't hear the voice chat Because if you could this video would be alot more epic You can blame Volvo for messing up GOTV I would record it live, but my pc's bloated with viruses and i struggle to get 60 frames, even without bandicam

I mean, it's recorded with net_graph 1 and unlicenced bandicam I'm not good at video editing And it's not obvious, but WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER I had to use alot of trickery to get around it's limitations, most of which kinda come out of nowhere I really should factory reset my PC At least I'll be getting what I had 5 years ago

There's so many viruses and adware I struggle to use FireFox properly watch me nail this guy tho I decided to pick up his USP without realising it only had three bullets left I mean it at least forced me to use the knife, giving me this video In fact, alot of this frag is just coincidence really Now this gun will soon be empty, and what we came here for will begin I was considering using comic sans here, honest

I played around with the font settings and i got this I think I'll be using it for a while