Exotic engrams are extremelyrare in Destiny 2.

The is a slim slim chance to earn them at any point in thecampaign while gunning down boss monsters, and beating public events.

Butyour chances are so low that's pretty like you'll never spota single exotic engram for more than 20 hours of Destiny 2.

If you'retired of bad luck and want to improve your chances to earn exotic engrams, youwill need to complete Heroic Public Events.

Heroic Public Events are special, secretversions on the standard Public Events, with a much higher challenge and moredifficult enemies.

Public Events can become Heroic Public Events when youcomplete specific objectives during the event.

I'll go over one type of eventthat should help you get started on your hunt.

Currently, there is no fast methodto farm exotic engrams.

That's by design, so you don't unlock the15-plus exotic weapons too quickly and Bungie doesn't want that.

But you cantake advantage of the Public Event system to get almost guaranteed exotics.

Heroic Public Events are harder versions of Regular public events, andcan be activated while interacting with the Public Events in a very specific way.

Completing Heroic Public Events will significantly increase your chances ofearning an exotic engram, so for example I'm going to show you how to activatethe Arsenal Walker Heroic Public Event.

When an Arsenal Walker public eventbegins in the Rig or Siren's watch on Titan you'll need to shoot the legs tothe same of them as you shoot the Arsenal Walker legs and disable them,orbs will drop.

Collect the orbs and deposit them in the shield devicessurrounding the Arsenal Walker.

Use two orbs on each shield generator,there are three shield generators around the Arsenal Walker.

When all three aretaken down, the Heroic Public Event will begin.

Walkers will spawn in Public Events at the EDZ (Sunken Isles, The Outskirts), and Titan (The Rig, Siren’s Watch) that’s a good place to start, but any Heroic Public Event will work.

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