Civilization: Beyond Earth In Game Editor (Map Editor and Cheat Mod) Installation Guide Mac & PC

Hey Youtube and welcome to this tutorial on how to get the In Game Editor for Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth published by 2k games What you're going to need to do is to go into your mods folder or mods section of the game

and your going to go and click get mods when you do that you're going to go to the search bar and type in IGE and hit the search button now you should see IGEditor I for In, G for Game, E for Editor and your going to click that

and then we will go right here and let me quickly click on subscribe so you can see what it will look like, it will just say subscribe like this Just click subscribe and it will say it has been added to your subscriptions say And all you have to do is go back Click here to return to the game and this will show up so your going to click enable and your going to click next It will configure and thats all you have to do

from there just to show you that it works we're gonna just do a game setup so random, I'll just keep doing random It doesn't really matter, I'm just doing random so we can just quickly set it up Alright, so as it's loading let me just explain one thing This only works for the versions of the game the game that are on steam, it does work for the Mac App Store version but the steps are different if you are on the Mac App Store you are going to have to find your mods folder and that's a process that is little bit different on the Mac App Store version as your mods folder is hidden So from there on the Mac App Store version you are going to go to a website called Civfanaticscom and you'll follow the instructions there too unhide your mods folder and then to install the file So if you are you on the Mac app version I'll have that link in the description for you but otherwise you don't have to worry about this and if you're on Mac steam or Windows in steam this will work fine for you, you can just follow this video and in one step get those cheats you want or the ability to edit your map and just do what you want

I think that most people should just get the Steam version but it's not up to me, it's what you want to do let's just get all the stuff down so I can show you we have an army, we can switch our characters This person hasn't made planetfall so being them is pointless but you can do anything you want! So that's really it thanks for watching guys and for you Mac App Store users just follow in the description all the steps, I'll have it listed out so you can do that Everybody else thanks for watching and I hope this helped everyone, absolutely everyone, hit that like button, subscribe, it helps Alsp if you want to watch my advertisements it really does help me because it actually allows me to make enough money off this to buy more games to show you tutorials on So just make sure you hit that like button and subscribe and if you will feel really nice watch the ads which I put at the end of my videos because I know not everybody wants to watch the ads So I make it your choice but I do appreciate it when you do watch those ads, so I would really like to thank you for that and I hope to see you on my other areas alright see you guys! 🙂