Butterfly Knife / Balisong – DIY tutorial and Tricks using popsicle sticks

Scrape here to make it thinner so place 1 bar on it then put 2 other and measure the width and cut bar here Make round edges like this Shave the bar just enough for the long stick to slip on top of it like this Now for the blade, draw a blade model then use a curve cutter there like this Now we can stick small sticks to the long way I will use a hot glue Attached to the blade with 4 rods Guaranteed for all 4 sticks

The blades inside should be in the middle Now we can put holes on both ends Use a paper clip as a drill drill to create a hole This will block the bars from cracking Cut the bar here to make space for the small bar inside sliding the bar in like, then cut the excess, the other half can be used to cover the other side of the blade Cut here Slide the shells to the sides of the tongue so Now we can put 2 weak wires, it will serve as a lever so that we can move the rods up and down Bending the wires just enough to slip through the hole Shaving a small space for the main rope so that it will not protrude when we bend it down and cover it with another rod Now we can bend it down Use a long nose to tighten it please paste the edges of the tongue do not stick on the tongue

only on two sides use a clamp to hold it then another paste and let it dry for 15 minutes or more Shaved a space on the cover for the weak strings Now we can cover up The cover will hide the main wire and make it look clean includes the other side paste a glue I wrote my name just to give it a simple style I also paste a small square bar here just about the width and height of the gap It serves as a button to handle still vertically with the blade and will not bend too far