Best Vegan Restaurants in Sedona AZ

Today we have another exciting for you, and today I actually find myself in Sedona, Arizona and was here for the weekend and on Sunday evening we’re here at the Chocolatree Organic Vegetarian, they used to serve 100% raw, now they serve about 50%raw live food and 50% cooked foods, and I’m here for the first time to make a video review for you guys of the food.

Now I want to let you guys know that they actually are quite busy tonight so we’re going to go ahead and take you guys inside show you what the place looks like and actually then give you a review of the food.

Alright now we’re going to walk into the Chocolatree, one of the cool things about the Chocolatree is that they are open until 9 pm every night.

And we got here approximately maybe 8:50 or so, and this is what it looks like on the inside, they have all kinds of crazy-ass raw foods, supposedly candies, chocolate, that I can’t really believe is raw, like peanut butter cups and all kinds of crazy stuff, and then you’re going to wait tobe seated and you can choose to eat either on the inside here which might be a good idea because it’s in the light, you can actually see your food, or you can go out in the garden on the patio, so that’s where I’m going to take you guys, because that’s where I’m already seated, and they have all different kinds of raw pies and raw tiramisus and raw chocolate pudding pies and different almond butters and nuts and hemp seeds and pies to go and flax oil and they have a whole little marketplace with all different kinds of products,green powders and vitamins, and they even got some organic clothing here and they have a whole selection of their Chocolatree line of foods that you may be able actually to find near you. Including things like kale chips, granola, nachos and flatbread, and all kinds of other raw food paraphernalia and things like this.

That’s definitely really cool.

I guess the next thing is and here’s even more marketplace paraphernalia and food you can buy to take home.

Wow and check it out, there’ seven more stuff on the way out, bottles and beeswax candles and all kinds of other crazy stuff.

Yeah this is just a really interesting restaurant that has a lot of stuff and more and TVs and here’s the restroom as we go down the hallway and it’s cool that they’re selling organic seeds here, and actually have nice paintings that are also available for sale and artwork.

We’re going to go back out to the patio and you guys can see they have some heirloom open pollinated seeds available, and then we’re going to go ahead and walkout the patio and one of my comments is that actually it’s quite dark on the patio, so if you sit on the patio at night, you’re probably not going to be able to see your food because the lighting in my opinion is insufficient.

So this is what it looks like actually outside, pretty dark, the light on the IPhone on and you still really can’t see too well.

And here’s one of the tables, and I’m seated all the way over here.

Now I want to let you guys know that I got here approximately 8:50 pm, and I was seated over here with my girlfriend, and then the server did not come to take our order until maybe28 minutes after we were seated.

And then it took an additional 37 minutes because I timed it, to get our food so that’s over an hour of waiting, yeah so I want to say that they were busy tonight, but we weren’t updated and we weren’t really acknowledged once we were seated, and our order wasn’t taken.

So this is the different foods we go there, and before I even get into the foods, I want to let you guys know that especially when coming to a raw food restaurant you want to maybe bring some of your own food, so that’s what we’ve done here.

I brought fries here so just chopped up,really rich in pre-biotics, good for your beneficial flora, also nice and water rich to dilute some of the more concentrated foods we have here, and in addition we brought some chopped up cucumbers to eat as well.

One of the cool things is the water that they serve here is actually Artesian spring water, so it’s not even filtered because it’s just straight out of a spring that’s really awesome.

And they have things like salt and pepper and maybe some cayenne here on the table.

And here are our different items we ordered.

We ordered three different items for two of us, because actually we’re quite hungry and I’ve been waiting a long time to eat.

And right here, what we have here is the avocado sandwich on an onion bread, and if we look at this it looks like inside there it’s like some avocado with some tomatoes and some sprouts and some lettuce on some soft flatbread with some kind of a nut cheese on there.

So actually that looks pretty good.

Hopefully that’ll be pretty good, and it’s actually a lot of fresh veggies, and I like that a lot so there’s not a lot of dehydrated stuff there’s a lot of fresh foods.

Next I believe we have the falafel, and that’s over here, something like that, and this is the Mediterranean plate, so this is the Mediterranean wrap with some kind of flax seed crust here that I’m unrolling to reveal lots of lettuce and small amounts of nut pâté, which is really cool and they give you a little [inaudible] or some kind of sauce there.

And then over to the last one here, we got the burrito.

And the burrito has the spirulina in there, and some guacamole on the top and some pico de gallo.

Now we’re going to let you guys know how the avocado sandwich is.

It’s really, really good.

It’s almost like eating at a normal restaurant, any normal food, it tastes really good but yet it still looks really fresh, and I guess this is sauceon the avocado, it tastes really good, so I would recommend it.


Well I’m going to try it next because I’m so hungry.


Alright we’re going to go ahead and try the avocado sandwich.


Gosh that is quite good, really a lot of vegetables, the bread is just really light, and the nut cheese is quite good.

A plus so far.

Alright now we are going to try the burrito.

And there it is we cut it in half,it’s a bit messy here.

Alright this is my first raw food burrito.

Alright so we did get the raw vegan cheddar cheese on the side made with some nuts,  I will eat all the cheese.

I forgot to put it on but I’ll try a little bit of it.

But this is really, really good.

I mean it’s so good.

Alright so now I’m going to go ahead and try this burrito here, it’s actually kind of coming apart.

When the shell gets moist it just falls apart it’s been sitting here a little bit.

And let’s here, I’ll maybe just go on this side.


That’s what it looks like on the inside, spirulina, guacamole, and shredded lettuce or cabbage,man this stuff is off the hook, flavor’s like excellent.

And I really like that they’re really focusing on the fresh veggies and not a lot of highly concentrated fatty foods.

This is like a lot of food yeah some avocado makes it taste good, and some amazing seasonings and a chia-based wrap.

Alright so now Lauren is going to try the Mediterranean wrap and this is what it looks like.

And you want to dip it in the sauce there a little bit? Alright cool look at that that stuff looks super-good

It’s good.

That’s all good.

It’s all good.

It’s like my favorite, these are real wraps,I don’t know, it feels like I’m eating something that’s like normal food but it’s still pretty fresh, so it’s good.



Alright so now I’m going to try the Mediterranean wrap, we got the wrap here and it looks like we got just some lettuce in there some sprouts, and some nut sauce or something like that,and we’re going to go ahead and dip it in the sauce here.

I like a lot of sauce.


This one for me, the flavor’s excellent, but to me it’s just a bit too dry, maybe it’s too much nut sauce and not enough fresh leafy greens?I kind of felt the same way.

Yeah but this one is definitely not my favorite,but still the flavor is actually excellent.

We’ll be back at you in a little bit to sum up what we thought of the food here at the Chocolatree in Sedona, Arizona.

Alright so we’re back and we finished our meal and Lauren how was it for you?It was really good, I highly recommend it.

And this is her fourth raw food restaurant that she’s eaten at, and how would you compare this to the others you’ve eaten at?I like this one a lot, everything was really good, I know that we had to wait a while but it’s a unique situation because there’s a raw food event in town and they’re usually not this busy, they’re n ot used to that many people being here, but other than that it was good.

So I would say the food is definitely great here, it’s one of the best raw food restaurants that I’ve eaten at.

The only challenge I have is with the service, because the restaurant business is a service business, it’s not necessarily a food business, and at least I think there should be full transparency like when there’s a wait say that when we got here, say hey, there’s going to be at least a half hour wait for your food, and then at least we’d have some information that, okay yeah it’s cool that we will accept that wait, or it’s not cool and we’re not going to accept that wait.

But we had no transparency as well as when were originally seated, nobody even came over to acknowledge we were here for 25 minutes, and at least our order should have been taken a bit earlier.

But other than that the food was great, and we’re not actually going to rate it right now, I usually give a scale of zero to five stars for every restaurant.

What we’re going to do is because besides just the taste which was great here, it’s really important to me that you feel good the next day because I literally have eaten at raw food restaurants and I’ve had the runs afterwards.

Not that I had to go for a run because I had so much energy, I mean I had the runs like the Hershey’s trots if you know what I mean.

So Lauren, before we go real quick, what was your favorite dish that you had tonight? The avocado sandwich was my favorite.

Awesome, yeah the avocado and the burrito were the two best, so if you get two only get that, I wouldn’t necessarily get the Mediterranean, and if I had to pick one, I’m going to go with what Lauren said, because the woman’s always right.

No but seriously,actually I liked the avocado sandwich too, there was actually less fat than the burrito,because the burrito guacamole just squished everywhere, and there’s a little bit of avocado it was balanced out, [inaudible] the nut cheese in there, but in the avocado sandwich and the bread was amazing, and actually the other thing that I liked is that it stayed together, so it didn’t fall apart in your hands and make a big mess on the plate and then we had to eat the rest of the burrito with a fork.

Any last things you’d liketo share with my viewers tonight about the Chocolatree Lauren? No, I think I said everything.


So yeah next I actually just got the check so let me share with you guys what the damage was.

Alright so here is the chit or the check here, and it looks like we got one Mediterranean wrap for 11 an avocado herb sandwich for 10, a burrito for 11.

Subtotal 32,tax 3.

20, and the grand total is 35 dollars and 20 cents.

That’s actually a fair price for the meal we got, really rich in vegetables, I liked it a lot, and that seems fair.

Some of the restaurants that I’ve gone to, the raw food restaurants, they serve things that cost like 10, 15, 20 dollars and you get smaller portions sizes.

At least here you get nice sized portion sizes and after splitting three of these between the two of us, actually I’m quite full, and I’m sure Lauren could probably say the same.

Alright so it’s the second day, and we woke up this morning and I probably felt pretty decent after I left, I immediately had a small stomach ache, so I took some probiotics and it was no problem, I found that probiotics if I have stomach discomfort inmost cases it just wipes it out.

Plus it’s very enzymatically rich to help me digest the food.

So Lauren how are you feeling after last night’s meal at the Chocolatree? Well I feel a little heavy today, but I’m not used to eating that much stuff and that many combinations, and I’ve actually been having some stomach problems this week, so anyway I didn’t feel terrible last night, I didn’t have a huge stomach ache, I’m just a little heavy today but I don’t want to blame that completely on, it’s just mys to mach is kind of sensitive.

Yeah I mean I actually had a really good movement this morning if you know what I mean, I looked and it came out really nice and easy, it waslike fat and big man, lots of good fiber in there, and digested really well for me.

Today we’re actually out in Sedona, we’re hiking the Cathedral Rock hike through these amazing rocks we’re feeling like the awesome energy here of Sedona, we got our asses on the ground to ground out and absorb the amazing energy here in Sedona.

So honey, on a scale of zero to five stars is what I normally rate places, how many apples would you give the Chocolatree? I’d say four, four and a half, I don’t know the only thing was kind of slow because it was so busy there, but other than that I really liked the food, and I expected it to be a little, because I usually eat pretty light, so my body probably was not used to all that stuff, but it was good.

So that’s what I would say.

Alright cool, I think I would rate it probably about four apples out of five apples, and that’s a fairly high rating for me, I don’t think I’ve ever given a five apples, because no place just meets my stringent, rigorous demands of growing food fresh and harvesting it and having mostly fresh foods instead of dehydrated stuff, well Chocolatree, they definitely did really good and if they had better service, and maybe if they included an extra side salad with the meals, because they should have had a side salad or something, shredded cabbage or some nice nut fruit-based dressing would be really good, because the meal itself was great, but I think they should just add a little bit more, they had a little small side of sprouts, it’s like a micro sprout salad and two shavings of carrots to make the plate look nice.

But there’s room on the plate and they should really include something really inexpensive just to help fill you up and garnish the plate a little bit more and that would have been really nice.

But mainly, I probably would have actually given them five apples which would have been pretty crazy because I’ve never done that before, they have a garden in the back actually where they have food growing, vegetables and fruit trees which is amazing, some of which I’m sure they use at the restaurant there.

But the service is really terrible.

We got there late, I’ve been working at the show all day giving lectures,running around filming interviews that you guys are going to see later on on the channel,and I was just hungry because I hadn’t eaten since three and we got there, and seriously,it took a little bit of time to get seated, but actually that was quite fast I was actuallyquite impressed.

But then the big problem that I had was that we weren’t acknowledged once we were seated.

The waiter never even came by to acknowledge like “Hey I’ll be with you in a minute.

” We just were waiting for 25 minutes until he came.

Put our order in, then another 37 minutes later we got our food.

So hindsight’s always 20/20, I wish the restaurant would have some things in place so that if the wait’s long and they know that it’s like because their kitchen is pretty small but they have I think excess eating, like they have too much seating for such a small kitchen, so people do end up waiting and then people don’t up like that even though they really like the food.

So they should just let people in advance know like “Hey, we’re really busy today, we’re slammed, the wait before you get your food is approximately a half hour,” and people can determine if they want to do that or not.

In addition, it’d be really nice to just,if there are excessive wait times, give some people some free chocolates, a little small salad like you go into a Mexican restaurant they give you chips and guacamole as a free thing, it would be nice if they just gave you something to let you know that they’re working their best and they’re trying to just keep everybody happy, and I really didn’t feel like the server was apologetic that it took too long, he didn’t give an apology,and he was just like “This is what it is, deal with it.

” I was almost half asleep before the food came because I was tired and at that point I almost didn’t want to eat because it was getting so late I don’t really like to eat too late at night.

So the last thing I want to say is that Lauren and I, we rarely actually eat out.

That was Lauren’s fourth raw food restaurant, and I eat out a lot more than Lauren because I’ve been doing this a lot longer, but I might eat out if I’m lucky once a month right?And I do that when I’m traveling for fun or actually to make a video for you guys just to try new and different tasting foods.

And a lot of times it’s a bomb, and sometimes it’s a big win, like this episode, food was amazing.

But I also want to encourage you guys to check in on how you feel the next day, because not only should the food taste good, but you should be vibrant, full of energy, and able to go on hikes up mountains and dive off cliffs the next day and not just be in bed and like “Oh I feel like crap because the food’s sitting hard in my stomach,” and all this stuff, and I know you guys have felt that before after eating out, whether you get a food-borne illness or who knows what is in the food and it doesn’t digest properly because there’s not enough fiber if you’re eating junk food and fast food and you still might feel that every day because you’re not eating the best diet.

Lauren and I we normally eat really clean, just fresh fruits and fresh vegetables with maybe of nuts and seeds, well I eat more nuts and seeds than her, but eat very simply and your body will love it, you’ll have more energy because of it, and go out and enjoy by all means some raw food restaurants sometimes, but don’t make it a habit because it can be actually quite expensive and not as good for you as stuff you can actually make at home or things that you can actually grow at home like I have my garden and pick out of my garden and the food out of my garden tastes at leas tfive times better than the stuff at the Chocolatree as much as I liked it.

So if you enjoyed this episode, hey please give me a thumb’s up to let me know.

I’ll try to do more restaurant reviews in the future.

Whenever I’m traveling that’s usually when I hit restaurants, and also be sure to my past episodes, I have plenty of episodes, over 450 now on all aspects of raw foods with at least over a dozen other raw food restaurant reviews, some of which have actually gone out of business now, hopefully not because of my reviews.

And also be sure to subscribe because I have new videos coming out all the time, I’ve filmed a whole bunch of cool videos a the Pure Living Expo that took place here in Sedona, Arizona, including both of my talks that I will be putting upvery shortly.


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