A Quick Guide to Northwoods University (Updated May 2018)

Thank you for joining us for this webinar where we’ll take a look at Northwoods University First, we’ll tell you what Northwoods University is

Then, we’ll take a quick look at how to use it Next, we’ll let you know how you can get signed up for it Then, we’ll do a quick rundown of the other support resources available to you through Northwoods When you first started using your Northwoods software, you may have been brought up-to-speed on its functionality through a real-life person or by using the program’s Help menu Rest assured, those resources aren’t going away! But now we’re adding something new to your arsenal with Northwoods University

When you log in to Northwoods University, you’ll have access to on-demand, structured courses with tutorial videos and engaging assessments that walk you through the features of our software and enable you to apply those features to real-world situations Are you new to the agency and hoping to quickly learn the basics of the software? Try out some tutorials! Have you been with the agency for awhile but need a quick refresher on a specific task? Log in and brush up on your skills! Northwoods University is designed to fit into YOUR schedule, with bite-sized tutorials and a structure that allows you to stop and pick up later right where you left off Right now, we have courses available for our entire Compass Suite, with more being added all the time So now that we’ve talked about what Northwoods University is, let’s take a look at how to use it The URL is super-simple to remember

Just go to trainingteamnorthwoodscom Log in using the credentials provided by your Northwoods point of contact For most users, your username will be your email address

And if you’ve forgotten your password, just use the “Lost password” link You’ll get an email to reset your password If you don’t see the email in your inbox after a few minutes, check your spam folder Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your dashboard All of the courses you’re enrolled in will appear on your dashboard

You can see an overview of your progress in Northwoods University by going to the menu and then clicking “My Activities” From there, you’ll see your overall personal progress You can go to the “Courses” section to view your individual course progress and scores You can enroll yourself in additional courses by going to the menu and then clicking “Course Catalog” You’ll see the first few available courses

To view more, click on “View more courses” If you’d like more information about a course that you’re not enrolled in, you can click the “Enroll” button to view a description of the course If it looks like a course you’re interested in, just click “Subscribe” to add it to your dashboard On the dashboard, the buttons at the right show the status for each course A “completed” button means that you’ve already gone through the entire course, but you can always still click into a completed course to review the tutorials

The “play” button means that you haven’t yet completed the course You can click into that course to resume where you left off It’s easy to navigate through the course The tutorial video player is front and center, allowing you to focus on the product you’re learning about Once you’re ready to move to the next part of the tutorial, just use the NEXT button

Note that most courses will require you to finish watching a video all the way through at least once before the NEXT button will unlock You can also move to different parts of the course using the course navigator in the left-hand panel Green items have been completed, but you can click on them to review them Yellow items are in progress Most courses will require you to complete the yellow item before the next item unlocks

Most courses also include assessments that test your understanding of the topics But we know your jobs can’t be segmented into a bunch of simple true-or-false questions So just like the in-person training that you’ve come to expect from Northwoods, our assessments take it further than that, guiding you not only in getting up and running quickly but also in using those skills to make confident decisions on the fly Some questions will ask you to place yourself in a tricky situation and figure out how to use the software to address it And some questions, like this one, will show you a screenshot of the software and ask you to apply what you learned about the interface to respond to various real-world scenarios

You can navigate through the assessment using the “Next Page” button And we know your schedules are hectic and can change at a moment’s notice So you can always save your progress and resume later using the “Save Test” button That option also comes in handy if you want to use the course navigator to review a tutorial video before submitting your assessment The “Submit” button on the last page of the assessment will immediately score it

Note that for most assessments, you won’t be able to re-take the assessment after you submit it Once you submit the assessment for scoring, you’ll immediately see your score and can review the questions and the correct responses You can use your results here to see which topics you might need to review again Remember that you can always review the tutorial videos using the course navigator If you’re an agency supervisor and are interested in receiving weekly Excel reports that include these scores and other valuable insights, reach out to your Northwoods point of contact

So, how can you get an account in Northwoods University? If you look at the sign-in page, you’ll see that new users should contact the Northwoods Support Center for access If someone else in your agency serves as the point of contact for Northwoods, check with them to see if they can help you get an account All we need to set you up with an account is your full name, email address, and the Northwoods products you’re using We’ll then get your account set up as soon as possible so that you can log in and start learning If you’re not sure whether you already have an account, you can always use that “Lost Password” link, enter your email address, and see if a password reset email comes through

If it does, then you’re all set! So what other resources does Northwoods offer to help you make the most of your software? As a Northwoods customer, you already have access to a multitude of options for assistance You can always navigate to the online help system through the Help menu in our products to search for the answer to a specific question you might have For in-person assistance, you can check with your Northwoods Point of Contact, whether that’s a supervisor or other Technology Point of Contact within your organization If you still need help, the Northwoods Support Center is just a phone call away And of course the resources inside Northwoods University are now at your fingertips

In addition to these self-guided support resources, we also have several add-on training packages available through Northwoods User Success Training Your agency has dedicated significant resources to integrate the Northwoods solution into your business processes to maximize the return on investment Northwoods User Success Training can help agencies protect that investment by making sure you understand how, why, and when to use the solution to best serve your clients Your agency’s Customer Success Manager can tell you more about the four available user success training options and help you determine what’s best for your agency They can also put you in touch with a Business Development Representative to discuss pricing and additional details

Speaking of Customer Success, did you know your agency has a dedicated Customer Success Manager whose sole responsibility is to make sure any solution you purchase from Northwoods is being used in the best way possible? If you have questions about Northwoods University, or any additional Northwoods resources, contact your Customer Success Manager via phone or email, and they’ll help you get the answer you need We hope that these tools will help to fuel your agency’s success Thank you!