7 Amazing Birthday Gifts For You | Penny Stock Guide Blowout Deals & More!

– Hey, Tim Sykes here and it is my birthday today Thank you guys for all the nice wishes and the cool comments that you guys are sending me

If you do wanna get me anything, I really would appreciate this I made a video lesson about this charity that I visited down in South Africa They're working to save the endangered wildlife, they need all the support they can get So if you could donate to them, I'll post a link just below this video Whatever you can give, whether it's, you know, five dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 50, 100, 500, $1000, you know, I've given roughly $200,000 now to them

But they need all the help they can get So I'm proud to donate my birthday to them That's it, I really don't need anything, you know, everyone's asking like what do you want for your birthday, I don't want anything, I want more millionaire students So, I've come up with seven gifts for you, because I think it's better to give than receive So, my birthday is a good excuse to give you some cool stuff

Gift number one, my friend Doug is giving a free webinar in a few days He's banked on weed stocks, and he has some upcoming picks, he's gonna explain them in his free webinar, so I'll post a link to this underneath the video Pretty freaking crazy, especially with the upcoming legalization of weed in Canada in the next few months There's gonna be some big beneficiaries, and Doug knows the sector inside and out So, watch it, it's 100% free

It's gonna be a badass webinar Secondly, my student Steven Dux came out with his own guide I have gone back and forth with him and I have gotten you guys a very special discount When you order, you can type in the coupon code Sykes, s y k e s, and you save some good money on this, this is highly, highly recommended He's now, actually just past two million dollars now in profits

And he's taken my strategy and adapted it, and come up with some of his own patterns So this is much watch, you know, new patterns, I guess, is the best way to describe it Again, coupon code is Sykes, I'll post a link just underneath this video You've got a lot of links coming to you Also to celebrate my birthday, stockstotrade, is having a nice little birthday special

This is must use software, every single day I've tried every other software under the sun, none of it is made for low priced stocks So stockstotrade is, and I'm proud to invest in them, and I'm proud that they are, you know, celebrating my birthday with a special So, that's a nice little gift, gift number three Gift number four, we're also having a blow out sale on Profitly

With all the DVDs and newsletters, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70% off I'll post a link just below this video so you can take advantage of that If you want to invest in your education there is no better time than now A lot of people ask me like what's your number one tip, what's your number one pick, it's never a stock, okay, the stocks are always changing, the hot sectors are always changing, my number one tip for you is to invest in yourself and your future, and our guides and newsletters help you do that So, proud to give a little discount there

Also on Profitly, it's not ready yet, as I'm making this video, cause I actually wanna enjoy my birthday, so I'm making this just a day before my actual birthday, or a few hours before There's gonna be a new Profitly website, I think that's gonna be a pretty cool gift number, what are we at, number five So stayed tuned for Profitly, it's going to update in the next few hours, we've been working on this in secret for the past few months I think you'll like the new website Gift number six, going back to this little fundraiser for VETPAW

We've already raised 580 bucks, which is cool, from some of you guys, I'm gonna give you guys shout outs Wayne Wilmoore, Rob Meyer, Edison Ching, Lawrence Bradford, Amedlia Pyfrom, Sheila Babadi, Lawrence Bradford, Amedlia Pyfrom, Sheila Babadi, Erick Torres, Deshore King, Raul Herrera, there's more Nicholas Leede, Mandy Sepedia Menendez, Miah Lee, Luguhut Soto, Conrad Barns-Graham, thank you guys Again, now matter what you can donate, we appreciate it and VETPAW appreciates it, they are such a badass charity Full of veterans

Former soldiers who are now using their training to combat poachers and illegal hunting down in Africa, and while I love the animals, and what you guys might not know, and gift number six is the ability for you to fight terrorism I didn't know this going down there, and as I learned a lot, I'll have a whole video on VETPAW on the coming days Sorry it's taking a little longer than expected But roughly 40% for funding for terrorism, is funded from this illegal hunting and this illegal poaching So my gift number six is for you to have the ability to fight terrorism directly by helping fund VETPAW

And as I said, you know, I've given roughly $200,000 Anything that you give I'm gonna match, my goal is to raise $37,000 for my 37th birthday, and they are just incredible, you know, these are soldiers who have been, you know, basically risking their lives for years fighting for the US, but now they're fighting for the animals, and they're still fighting against terrorism, so I really would appreciate you donating whatever you can, again, I already have everything I could possibly need, so now I'm all pro-charity, and I think VETPAW is a great charity, they work their butts off down in South Africa, you know, I spent several weeks with them, not great conditions for them, but they have a mission, and they're dedicated and that's what it's all about Gift number, what is it, that was gift number six, my invite for you to fight terrorism

Gift number seven, my student Steven Dux, who I just gave that discount for on his guide Guess what, and you can email [email protected] for the specific links if you have any questions I know this is getting a little complicated cause we have a lot of links, but I got a lot of presents for you, but the cool thing is gift number seven, he is actually speaking at MIT on April 15th, on my birthday, so random, how it works out, he posted about this the other day Him in Triforce Trader, who was also a young millionaire on Profitly, they're speaking at MIT, and my birthday gift number seven to you is that I have sent a video guide to record it, I'm sorry I couldn't be there, but we're gonna have it posted, his whole speech, and I think it's gonna be very useful, very mathematical

And in case you didn't know, he has been on fire, this is just the past two months, he's verified $500,000 plus in profits, actually 600,000, he still has to verify another 100,000, but he ran out of time cause he's speaking at MIT and that's his focus So, pretty freaking crazy where, you know, Steven Dux is now making 500,000 plus or 600,000 plus in two months, Tim Gratany just recently made 500,000 dollars in both December and January, so, you know, no matter what the overall market is doing, my top students are one fire, and I'm proud to help teach you, you know, whether you wanna get Dux's full guide, and get a nice discount thanks to my birthday, or you just wanna watch his free talk at MIT, I think that's useful to, so I'll post links to all this stuff, but please do consider watching Dux's new guide, and definitely watch his MIT presentation when we post it in a few days and again, I'd appreciate anything you can give to VETPAW, they need all the help they can get They are doing such great work, and they're so under funded So, get excited for my whole long video showcasing my whole adventure down in South Africa We just have so much, and it's so important to tell the story correctly

So I wanted it done on my birthday, but some things take a little more time Also take advantage of this Profitly sale, 30, 40, 50, 60% off guides and newsletters Same thing with stokstotrade, big savings that are just gonna go on for a little over a week And I'll post a link for Steven Dux's special And then also this free webinar that is coming up on the next hot pot stocks

So, a lot of stuff going on, I wouldn't have it any other way, you know, my business is exploding, it's good to be real in an industry full of scams Basically all I have to do is be real, you know, I haven't always made the best trades, I missed easy, easy gains on the first green day the other day on DPW and GERN Congrats to a lot of you guys who nailed it I made a whole video lesson, you know mia copa, I'm here in Asia, working on my charity, and the time zone is a little different, and it's tough to stay awake all night I'm also going out and meeting with several charities during the day, so I miss that, but I don't want you missing this stuff, you know, we have several weeks before these weed stocks should really start spiking ahead of the Canada legalization, and it's all about being prepared

So, thank you to my friend Doug for giving this free webinar I'll post a ton of links and thank you guys all for your kind wishes and messages, I love it, I'll see you guys in the chat room, bright and early on Monday, but, you know, Sunday, it's my birthday, I gotta celebrate a little Cheers, thanks